El Dr. Richard Abbott envía un mensaje de apoyo a SIREV

El Dr. Richard Abbott ha enviado un mensaje de apoyo a SIREV y a la gestión de la Junta Directiva durante todos estos años. El Dr. Abbott fue invitado de honor del II Congreso SIREV (primero Internacional) cuando era Presidente de la Academia Americana de Oftalmologia. Todo un honor.   

The Inaugural International Meeting and 2nd Annual Congress of Sircova in 2011 remains a very special and memorable professional event for me. As President of the American Academy of Ophthalmology that year, it was my honor and privilege to participate as a guest speaker in this esteemed Congress.  I was hosted by the President of the Congress, Professor Maria Dolores Pinazo-Duran and was warmly welcomed to Valencia by the Mayor and several dignitaries from her office.  The scientific content of the Congress was exceptional, emphasizing the latest research in retina and vision sciences.  The topic of my presentation was “Professional Development and Education Strategies of the American Academy of Ophthalmology”. I have warm and lasting memories of the special social events associated with the Congress, which I attended with my wife, Cecilia, and the life-long friendships I made at the Congress.  I wish SIRCOVA (Now SIREV) continued great success. San Francisco, April 2020.